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Add:Shangshan Industry Zone,XikouTown,Ningbo city,ZhejiangProvince,P.R.China.      


1、Moulding Manufacturing
 Stricked to the international  manufacturing criterion,equipped with CNC gantry machining center、high-speed machining center、universal milling machines, we could provide all kinds of high precision moulds according to clients requests
2、 Die-casting & Injecting processing
 Adopt advanced computerized Injection machines and die-casting machine, the range of die-casting machine is from 160 ton to 320 ton. JXPC has grown to be one of the most powerful enterprises in pneumatic area of China.  
3、 High precision machining and production
JXPC imported from Japan the fully automatic CNC machine, which can complete high precision machining for armatures, spools and plenty of other high precision products in a very efficient way, to make sure all the pneumatic components we provided are high-quality and excellent.  
4、High precision test center
Equipped with the advanced testing equipment and professional technical staff, the center can makquality test of key components digitalized on durability
and sealing, and provide a strong quality guarantee for JXPC products to enter the international markets
5、Quality Control System
 Strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 and CE quality control system.Quality Control System
frl test cylinder test
fitting test
valve test
R&D System
1、Market Researching and Studying To prophase pneumatic market research and study。
2、Designing and Inputting To decide the key product parameters and safety function requirements. To check the designing failture mode analysis (DFMEA); To appraise with multiple demonstrating methods。
3、Pneumatic Product Designing To design the new product drawing (CAD) according to customer request,result of the market research and study。
4、Pneumatic Sample ManufacturingTo define the material in accordance with the product requirements;Manufacture samples and assemble parts by the design technique intent。
5、Pneumatic Product Confirmation and Safety Compulsory CertificationTest the product on reliability,durability,Sealing and techinical parameters, finally confirmed byresponsible Dept. Draw up product information and technique document ; Check for safety compulsory certificate。
6、Trial Manufacturing Arrange trial manufacturing in small lot for quality-check。
7、Market/Customer Approval Achieve market and customer recognition
90% Accessories Self-Supplied