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Research and development

1、market research early pneumatic market research;
2、Design input to determine the products key coefficient and security of performance requirements Design Failure Mode Analysis (DFMEA);
3、pneumatic product design based on customer requirements and market research analysis drawing design (CAD) of the new product;
4、Pneumatic prototyping combined product requirements, purchase of raw materials, prototyping, product assembly process requirements of the drawings;
5、Pneumatic products are recognized and Safety certification of products manufactured product reliability, durability, sealing and process indicators test, the relevant departments to confirm the test is completed; developing product information and technical documents; safety certification ;
6、the mass production of small batch variance analysis to correct;
7、 market and customer acceptance of the market and customer acceptance.

>>Product Research and Development  
Personnel in Technical and R&D Department have a good mastery of technology rich experience in industrial practice. They stress on introducing and assimilating advanced technology at home and abroad and also update their own technology, conduct research and development for products and promptly develop products to meet market requirement.
>>In-Warehouse Management  
Warehouse management system clearly defines storage position of the goods, Controls each operaiton step including in-warehouse, Out-warehouse, alloca-tion, storage movement and inventory, promptly and accurately grasp the real data of the stock and rea-sonably keep and control the storage products.It sig-nificantly supports the realization of overall control and management of warehouse operation and the improvement of production efficiency.